Tykkaru – FFXI

RNG Madness!

Posted in Uncategorized by Tony on September 16, 2008

So Tykkaru’s currently levelling the awesome-wawsomeness of RNG.

Currently with loaned gear he’s doing around 200 dmg/arrow against Colibris and 1000+ dmg Sidewinder (or Misswinder) along with 600-900 dmg Barrages Tykkaru seems to be pulling hate quite often. Now Tykkaru doesn’t have a lot of HP, at the best he has around 650 HP. So what should he do? Paladins rarely cover him nowadays, so he just waits until the mob is 30% and he kills them off with a Sidewinder.

Tykkaru’s now level 58 as well. That level 57 was from an earlier party. ^-^

Maintenance is happening right now, after the maintenance Tykkaru’s going to get his AF bow, finally being full moon during a reasonable time of day as well as joining zEUs in Dynamis-Qufim!


Tykkaru’s stats

Posted in Uncategorized by Tony on September 16, 2008

Tykkaru is my Tarutaru in FFXI. Was one of the first members and the first Bard to join the prestigeous and awesome-wawsomely cool EU HNMLS Finale. Now he’s on Midgardsormr and playing with the EU HNMLS zEUs.

Tykkaru usually plays on BRD, below follows some of his gear and stats.

Just not a lot of gil at the moment. He’s 6/12 on Imperial Wootz Ingots!