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Quick Update

Posted in Uncategorized by Tony on April 15, 2009

Real Life

Think I’m between A-B in Organic Chemistry II, so I’m pretty happy there. Taking Molecular Chemistry, and I’m not doing much productive…

Think for the exam I’m going to plan to divide it into two ways to study: 1) Theory 2) Problem Solving, which is the logical way to do it since the exam is just those two parts (problem solving allows you to use the course book as well!).

Daniel is coming home from Australia! I was so happy about it that I cried.


Ah yes, a lot has happened in FFXI. I’m still in zEUs, I’m quite happy. Wish to be come to event as another job as Bard, but as it is a requirement and I think I’m one of the better BRDs in the LS I’m on BRD duty. I’ve been in this LS for a year now and I think that I can count on one hand the numbers of times I’ve not come as BRD…

Finished with SCH relic as well! 5/5! Need to get the belt to drop, but it’s kind of a low drop rate, so… Raisen got his SCH to 75, so now we’re 3 SCH! We’re going to become such an enlightened force to be reckoned with!

A Crystalline Prophecy was released too! I won the second time. I chose the Redingote with M.acc +4 and M.atk +4! ffxi_20090415_082230

I’m sorry to say this though: Redingote only looks cute on Tarutarus! I think that Tykkaru is cuter than ever! ❤


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