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Ah! Ah! 12 amu in the mass spectra?! WTF?!

Posted in FFXI by Tony on January 9, 2009

Well, I had fun last night… spent a whole hour trying to solve this mass spectra that we got as homework. Got my exams in 7 days, so it’s not a good that it took me a whole hour to solve it!

The thing that I got stuck on was the fact that there was a peak at 12 amu, which is quite rare for mass spectra. But it was solved later as the figure was CF3CN. Oh neat, WordPress does subscript automatically.

I’m on Twitter now, so you’re all free to add me there as well. 🙂

Don’t think there was anything new, we failed Odin again, timed out at 1%. It’s kind of disappointing, but yesterday we just finished another entry set, so we’ll be entering monday from now. I’ve also taken up the task to organize the member’s list and to see who has what feathers. :3

Not much progress otherwise, finished up Sublimation to 5/5 and Grimoire recast to 5/5, although, now I think perhaps it would be better to do Helix potency. Although, I’m not sre if I’ve ever used helix to start with…Working on Enlightenment, it’s at 2/5, want it at 5/5… ^^

Got to go as SCH to one of the LS events, yay! Was only Dyna-Sandy, but it was mighty fun nuking with te BLMs. ^^


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  1. Corinth said, on January 14, 2009 at 2:41

    hi hi ^^

    Thanks for your comment over at JPB. The article you commented on was translated by me though. 😡 you can tell which of us worked on something by looking at the name on the top of the post.

    no idea who did the jeuno line tho lol

  2. Corinth said, on January 14, 2009 at 2:42

    ahhhhhhhhh it made an unhappy face 😦 didnt mean to write that lol

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