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Christmas Break Update

Posted in FFXI by Tony on December 30, 2008

Wow, so what have I been up to recently?

Christmas break, and I’m not touching Masspspectrometry until January 2nd!  I’ve been levelling DNC like crazy! Lv.37 -> lv.54 during the christmas break. The Dagger merits are getting used! I’ll come back later with a picture, when I’m not looking too retarded in my mismatch outfitaru!

We did Einherjar yesterday. Only tier 1. Didn’t really clear, we finished off the Manticore boss, but remained was 2 Dark Elementals when we pinged out. We knew something was fishy when we got into the zone and the only mobs there was Dark Elementals and the Manticore boss. Seems like Sage Sundi forgot to mention that they were gonna implemend a new update into Einherjar! Mass PING outs!


Hilarious, LOL ensued, followed by panic and frustration!


Nuking gear

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been thinking of upgrading my equipment for SCH, since I lack a nuking setup (and detest it!), don’t even have all the IV nukes yet, (I’m a poor taru!).

So after reviewing  http://kanican.livejournal.com/34049.html#cutid3 I’ve come to the, very brief, hysteria that I can manage the gear and get some decent nuking gear on my Taru!

Main Elemental Staves (need)
Potency +15%, Hidden MACC
Ranged Sweet Sachet
INT +2
Head Argute Morterboard
Skill +7
Body Scholar’s Gown +1 (need)
INT +3, Skill +15
Hands Genie Gages (need)
Skill +8
Legs Mahatma Slops (need)
INT +8
Feet Goliard Clogs
INT +4, MACC +2
Back Merciful Cape (need)
Skill +5
Waist Argute Belt (need)
INT +5, MACC +2
Neck Elemental Torque (need)
Skill +7
Ear 1 Elemental Earring (need)
Skill +3
Ear 2 Moldavite Earring MAB +5
Ring 1 Tamas Ring INT +5
Ring 2 Snow Ring (need)
INT +5

So I need: All HQ elemental staves (except Terra’s Staff), which I use for Elegy on BRD.
What I need to be dropped is Synthesis Materials for SCH body, Argute Belt, Merciful Cape

Need to be bought is:

Snow Ring ~ 300k
Elemental Earring ~ 550k
Elemental Torque ~ 160k
Mahatma Slops ~ 280k
Genie Gages ~ 150k
Aquilo’s Staff ~ 130k
Jupiter’s Staff ~ 550k

Total: 2 120 000G /sigh

Set Bonus would be:

INT +32
Skill +45
M.acc +4
M.atk +5

Granting a Tarutaru SCH/RDM without Elemental Magic Merit nor INT merits, this would grant Skill 301 and INT 109

Anyone with any BLM or SCH experience that could tell how this would fair against HNMs?


-Enmity Gear

Main Light Staff
Cure Potency +10% , +1 MND
Sub Staff Strap -2 Enmity
Ranged White Tathlum
-2 Enmity
Head Argute Mortarboard
Fast Cast, +5 MND
Body Goliard Saio
-5 Enmity, +5% Haste, +5 Conserve  MP
Hands Scholar’s Bracers +1
-3 Enmity, +5 MND
Legs Mahatma Slops
-4 Enmity , +8 MND
Feet Scholar’s Loafers
-2 Enmity, Fast Cast
Back Errant Cape
-5 Enmity
Waist Penitent’s Rope
-3 Enmity, +5 MND
Neck Benign Necklace
-2 Enmity
Ear 1 Novia Earring
-7 Enmity
Ear 2 Delta Earring
-3 Enmity
Ring 1 Tamas Ring
-3 Enmity , +5 MND
Ring 2 Trooper’s Ring -4 Enmity

This is a tweaked version of the one that Kanican gave out! Total is -45 enmity -5 enmity from merits equals to -50 enmity.


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