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Real life stuff, not so much in-game stuff…

Posted in Uncategorized by Tony on December 17, 2008

Went to see Happy-Go-Lucky with Martin last night, he’s a good friend, I’ve finally understood that, we’re nothing more than friends, which is good, since in the dark, ambient movie settings, I could actually make out his wrinkles, and he kind of looked old…

The movie was great, had an infectious laughter, but I’d rather watched something else, what upset me was the taxi driver, his cynicism really upset and put me in a bad mood. I felt sorry for him. :/

I’m still thinking of leaving zEUs, but still haven’t found the right moment to tell them yet… it feels like I’m betraying them somehow, which is not the way to go. I’d miss so many people as well… all the tarus in the LS I’ve kind of bonded with… well, that’s probably it…


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