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Posted in FFXI by Tony on November 20, 2008

Trying to complete my assaults for Captain rank at the moment!

I’ve finally beaten More than One now! Yay! That Cerberus fight was freakin’ tiresome! The thing is now, that since I’ve finished doing them all, at least that’s what I think I did! Apparently, I don’t, so I need to figure out which ones I still need to complete.

Leujaoam Sanctum
-Leujaoam Cleansing [done][4sure]
-Orichalcum Survey [done][4sure]
-Escort Professor Chanoix [done][4sure]
-Shanarha Grass Conservation [done][4sure]
-Counting Sheep [done][4sure]
-Supplies Recovery [done][4sure]
-Azure Experiments [done][4sure]
-Imperial Code [done][4sure]
-Red Versus Blue [done][4sure]
-Bloody Rondo [done][unsure]

Mamool Ja Training Grounds
-Imperial Agent Rescue [done][4sure]
-Preemptive Strike [done][4sure]
-Sagelord Elimination [done][4sure]
-Breaking Morale [done][4sure]
-The Double Agent [done][4sure]
-Imperial Treasure Retrieval [done][4sure]
-Blitzkrieg [done][4sure]
-Marids in the Mist [done][4sure]
-Azure Ailments [done][4sure]
-The Susanoo Shuffle [done][4sure]

Lebros Cavern
-Excavation Duty [done][unsure]
-Lebros Supplies [done][4sure]
-Troll Fugitives [done][4sure]
-Evade and Escape [done][4sure]
-Siegemaster Assassination [done][4sure]
-Apkallu Breeding [done][4sure]
-Wamoura Farm Raid [done][4sure]
-Egg Conservation [done][4sure]
-Operation: Black Pearl [done][4sure]
-Better Than One[done][4sure]

-Seagull Grounded [done][4sure]
-Requiem [done][4sure]
-Saving Private Ryaaf [done][4sure]
-Shooting Down the Baron [done][4sure]
-Building Bridges [done][4sure]
-Stop the Bloodshed[done][4sure]
-Defuse the Threat [done][4sure]
-Operation: Snake Eyes [done][4sure]
-Wake the Puppet [done][4sure]
-The Price is Right [done][4sure]

Ilrusi Atoll
-Golden Salvage [done][4sure]
-Lamia No.13 [done][4sure]
-Extermination [done][4sure]
-Demolition Duty [done][4sure]
-Searat Salvation [done][4sure]
-Apkallu Seizure [done][4sure]
-Lost and Found [done][4sure]
-Deserter [done][4sure]
-Desperately Seeking Cephalopods [done][4sure]
-Bellerophon’s Bliss [done][less sure]

Cleared at least 1 floor of Nyzul Isle [done][4sure]

Also, I’ve finally been funded for my Salvage Body! ^^img_20081106_213357


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