Tykkaru – FFXI


Posted in FFXI by Tony on October 21, 2008

We managed to kill Jormungand Sunday with ease! We were mostly doing it for fun, since it doesn’t really drop anything worthwhile. The fight was smooth, a few died… but I survived! YAY! 😀

It was also fun to do something on SMN! Since it’s nothing I usually do… The damage was consistent and a few even excelling. I of course, accidentally woke up Jormungand when we slept it…



Posted in FFXI by Tony on October 1, 2008

So an update! Yay! Mattycakes ought to be happy. 🙂

Haven’t been able to do a lot of things lately because of exam times. You can read all about my school work on lifeontheclist.wordpress.com, if you’re into chemistry and organic chemistry angst.

So zEUs was doing Dyna-Beaucedine yesterday and for the first time since the update, COR relic dropped. And guess who was the one who got to lot it? Yours truelly, Tykkaru! 😀

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