Tykkaru – FFXI

RNG Madness!

Posted in Uncategorized by Tony on September 16, 2008

So Tykkaru’s currently levelling the awesome-wawsomeness of RNG.

Currently with loaned gear he’s doing around 200 dmg/arrow against Colibris and 1000+ dmg Sidewinder (or Misswinder) along with 600-900 dmg Barrages Tykkaru seems to be pulling hate quite often. Now Tykkaru doesn’t have a lot of HP, at the best he has around 650 HP. So what should he do? Paladins rarely cover him nowadays, so he just waits until the mob is 30% and he kills them off with a Sidewinder.

Tykkaru’s now level 58 as well. That level 57 was from an earlier party. ^-^

Maintenance is happening right now, after the maintenance Tykkaru’s going to get his AF bow, finally being full moon during a reasonable time of day as well as joining zEUs in Dynamis-Qufim!


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